All ability ranges
All categories of prison
94% OCN pass rate
98% completion rate


Requires commitment
Encourages responsibility
Develops independent thinking
Improves behaviour, engagement and self-determination

Volunteer led

Community engagement
Respected role models
Trusted volunteers

Restorative justice

Sits on the wide spectrum of Restorative Justice processes
Available where conferencing cannot be offered
Victims have opportunity to describe hurt, stress & fears they live with as a consequence of crime
Victims explain to offenders the impact of crime
Offenders are challenged to face up to their offence and the damage they have caused
Sycamore Tree is preparatory for Restorative Justice conferencing where appropriate
Offenders are encouraged to understand the power of restoring the damage done, apologising and forgiving


Value for money

Our national structure ensures value for money through shared resources, training, accreditation and evaluation.
We are committed to transparent financial controls and budget management.
Our costs for delivery are designed to be competitive, whilst reflecting the full cost to the organisation.


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