Victim of Crime

“I want you to know, that because of all your honesty [through the Sycamore Tree course] I am going to forgive the killers of my son. I am free!”
– Roma, a victim of crime

Sycamore Tree Graduates

“I’ve stopped thinking about myself and started to think of others.”
– Sycamore Tree Graduate
“I have done many offending behaviour programmes and by far the Sycamore Tree course has had the most positive impact on me.”
– Sycamore Tree Graduate
”It has made me realise the effect that crimes have on their victims and families, it has opened my eyes to the damage, pain and hurt that my crimes cause.”
– Sycamore Tree Graduate


“The Sycamore Tree Restorative Justice course is an effective way of preventing re-offending. It stands as an example to Police Commissioners across the country that I hope will provide practical support for this excellent work.”
– Fiona Bruce, MP


“I have been a supporter of Sycamore Tree since I first learnt what it had to offer in 2000. I was Governor of an adult prison and quickly realised the tremendous positive impact that it could make on those attending. I am passionate about the support and life chances that we give to young people. Therefore, when I arrived at Feltham YOI, I was extremely pleased to know that Sycamore Tree has a place and purpose here.”
– Andrew Cross, Governor of HMP/YOI Feltham


“Over the sessions I have seen offenders start to recognise that their actions created victims and that they needed to do something about it, I’ve seen them become more responsible and responsive. I’ve seen them apologise to all the victims they have hurt clearly seen them become more vulnerable and open to change.”
– Sycamore Tree Volunteer


“To be listened to, accepted and valued is something I can offer the offenders I meet, I can contribute towards them not getting lost in the system. I believe the love and acceptance that prisoners experience in the peaceful surroundings of the chapel, with nothing asked of them in return, turn him their despair to hope.”
– Annabel, Chaplaincy Assistant